Our Product


We simply put ourselves in your shoes, asking what kind of software do we want to work for us and how would we want it to work? Which is why, to cater to a diverse range of customers, we offer a great variety of solutions that see to your every need, starting with the KPIMatrix.


KPIMatrix - A Business Activity Management Platform


Our KPIMatrix platform enables organization to proactively define and evaluate resources usage and planning to maximize productivity and optimize efficiency with below features;

  • Software Usage
  • Web Usage
  • KPI Analytics

KPI Analytics


KPI Analytics module provides you with more informative productivity information of your resources investment through evaluating computing usage behavior. This module will comprise multiple type of reports focus on analyzing resources investment productivity and efficiency.


In addition, we will keep adding new useful reports type and make it available to customer for free with consideration of customer's needs and feedback.


Function Highlights


  • Tracking performance

    Human capitals are your company’s biggest assets and by knowing each individual’s performance allows you to reward them accordingly, helping you retain an excellent workforce that contribute positively to your organisation’s progress.

  • Fair and just

    By recording selected data (date, time, amount of time spent, etc.) on individual human capital asset activity in terms of software / web usage, this module helps create a fair and justifiable system when it comes to rewarding process.

  • Seeing it from a macro level

    You can evaluate human capital asset’s work performance individually, in selected groups or across your whole organisation with the analyses provided. You are able to compare data such as individual software usage with group average usage or across the organisation’s average usage and so on.

  • Show me the charts

    To make things easier, you can also access visual charts based on selected data that we provide. For example, you can view a visual chart report on an individual employee’s idle/active time compared with selected groups or across the organization.