Our Product


We simply put ourselves in your shoes, asking what kind of software do we want to work for us and how would we want it to work? Which is why, to cater to a diverse range of customers, we offer a great variety of solutions that see to your every need, starting with the KPIMatrix.


KPIMatrix - A Business Activity Management Platform


Our KPIMatrix platform enables organization to proactively define and evaluate resources usage and planning to maximize productivity and optimize efficiency with below features;

  • Software Usage
  • Web Usage
  • KPI Analytics

Web Usage


You realize that the internet is just as dangerous and that your investment resources (human capital & ISP facility) are wasted in surfing unnecessarily websites instead of focusing on what is really important. With Web Usage module, you could solve both problems with one product!


Function Highlights


  • Get rid of distractions

    In an organisation, time is of the essence therefore any distractions that are non-work related are unnecessary. With this module, popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and others can be blocked so to not affect productivity and progress.

  • Prevention is better than cure

    Someone in your organisation could be downloading some illegal or inappropriate content that may land you in hot soup. So, what better way to prevent this from happening than taking the first step and blocking sites that may potentially bring trouble.

  • Keep the bad ones at bay

    Exploring the internet with limitless control can be risky. Sometimes, you stumble upon viruses unknowingly and this could cost you a fortune fixing them. Not to mention, this could also affect your organisation’s operation and cause slow productivity.

  • Who loves the World Wide Web?

    You will not only be provided with information on web user activity (individually or in groups) but also analyses on which are the most frequented websites, who is the most active user and so on.

  • You can find ANYTHING on-line

    Kids are naturally curious and like to explore. Parents simply cannot be there every second to look out for them especially in the virtual world. This module protects your children by blocking out websites that have malicious content, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the vulnerable ones.